Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day 12 3520 Depression

So much for my New Year’s resolution.
I find myself incredibly sad and horribly lonely.
All I do is work.
Or mix with older people.
I haven’t got a witty thing to say.
I’m fed up with my appearance.
I’m sick of my own company.
The only friend in the world I seem to have is Julien. Or Julienne.
And I’ve not seen him or her since the New Year celebrations.
So, I took myself for a jog. In the real park, even though it was freezing cold. I think it did me some good, because I did feel better when I got back. They say we need exercise and sunlight. So. I’ll try to get some each day.
Then I decided to cook my own meal. Fungus, and sour cream and mange tout peas and pasta. Comfort food and easy to cook. Easy to eat, too.
I watched some of the entertainment channels for a while, but I actually fell asleep.
I’ll get over myself, I expect.
Tomorrow is another day.     

Monday, 20 May 2013

Day 6 3520 Progress

So, this is the plan then.
I’m actually going to be working with the schooling programmes. The first step, we decided, is to roll out new dataserves to all education age young people in the Z Zone. They will be working on programmes from their homes. But they will have lots of meets, and I’m going to be there at some of them.
I’m also going to start designing some of the programmes. I’ve managed to have a look at some of the schooling programmes they already have in the Zone. Actually, they’re not all that bad, and not nearly as primitive as we would have thought. There are some strange things, though. They still have a belief in some sort of god. I suppose that’s why all that  about Babel and the Peace Child project made so much sense at the time. There’s some real mystery about some of the stuff. But what amazes me most is how inventive they are and how much they manage to make out of so little.
To think, though, that some of the stuff I’ve had to look at over the last few days would have been classed as Hidden Information less that a year ago. It’s odd how changes sometimes suddenly happen very quickly. We’ve had the Z Zone for- well how long? – and now it’s disappearing virtually overnight.   
I’m starting the first programmes next week, and I’ve just taken some of the plainer Normal Zone ones. I think they’ll be easier. Most of it is information rich. It should get them up to speed on basic Normal Knowledge.
I had a meet myself today and met some of the people I’ll be working with. They’re a friendly lot. We went to a nectar bar afterwards. That was quite nice. It made me feel quite civilized. Even so, I don’t think there’s anyone I’d want to get too close to there. I’ll just stick to Julien and Louish for the moment. Maybe my mother. My projects are my friends.    

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Day 1 3520 New Beginnings

A New Year then. Time to start again. I’ll really try to forget him, I’ve decided. I’ve only been kidding myself up until now. If I’m honest, I’ve hoped all the time he’d call, that he’d change his mind, that he’d send for me – take me back to the Z Zone or to wherever he is now. It’s just not going to happen. I know that now. So, New Years Resolution – get a life!
The President’s Laser Show last night was one of the best yet. It does get better every year. Really amazing. It ended up like one big holoscene of the type of cities we want to build, with everybody living together in peace. No Z Zone, of course. Then every single person had a halo of light round their head. I just don’t know how that did that.
I spent the day, then, today, with Louish, Frazier, Marijam and Gabrizan and my own mother. The authorities holoed some snow and we were able to ski. It was good watching some of the kids have snowball fights. I did fell a bit odd, though, me the only young person there, with all those adults. They’re all good company, of course, and even mother wasn’t too bad. But that’s part of the new regime. I shall go to a Social Meet as soon as I can. And I’ll do it regularly.
Tomorrow is Re-allegiance Day. I’ve decided that my mission statement is going to be to be a bridge between the Normal Zoners and the Z Zoners. And that is nothing to do with you-know-who. That’s my own idea.
So, today and last night a time to think about it all. Tomorrow it all begins.
I feel good about this. I feel really good.     

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Day 361 3519

Three days ago was what they used to call Christmas. They used to give presents and have big meals with families and it was all to do with a prophet they called the Son of God. What or who is God, I wonder?
Well, Kaleem is supposed to be the fulfilment of a prophecy. He always used to say that Razjosh had told him that they made up prophecies so that they could make event fit them so if justified certain things happening. Well, maybe. But all that stuff about the Peace Child and the Babel Tower was just- spooky, really. Marijam still won’t talk about it all really. Yet when we were in the Z Zone, it all seemed as if it must have been real enough.
Anyway, day 358 was just like any other day. Except that it’s beginning to get lighter again. I try to always go out on sunny days and get the sun to shine on my head.  They told me that at the hospital. It will stop me feeling so down.
I haven’t got time to be depressed, though. It’s hard and involved work, this reintegration of the Z Zoners into the Normal Zones. I was at a meet for all of Day 358. I met with six other people. Louish and Frazier also dropped by. Frazier is delighted that we are going to start with the children- in fact the second level of the education programme. They’re going to come into the Normal Zones for one meet a week. They’re all going to be supplied with modern dataserves. I’ve been asked to help write some of the programmes. In some ways it’s quite exciting.
There’s just this little doubt at the back of my mind. This is all very well, and it all seems nice and positive. But is it just to make us all feel better? Is it what they really want? Have we really got down to the bottom of what the problem was really all about in the first place?
Frazier and Louish have heard nothing from Kaleem. In fact, they asked me if I’d heard anything from him. Goodness knows what he’s doing now, ore even where he is.
I just really wonder whether it can ever be completely right, if we still have switch-off and they don’t. What’s going to happen to their children? If we haven’t discussed that properly, then we’re not really making any progress.
I hadn’t really thought about it myself, until Kaleem and I went into the Z Zone. We’d been bought up until then – well at least had – Kaleem has always been a bit different, partly because of hi father and partly because Marijam had spent so much time in the Z Zone – to take it so much for granted.  But then, it was needed before disease came back to the planet. Otherwise, we’d have been totally overcrowded. Now, I’m not at all sure. Can anyone help me with this?

Day 355 3519The Party

Well we did it. We had a party for Maisie.  She was absolutely astounded. I was pretty surprised myself. Julien really did do her proud. I managed to organize some food. I had a few credits spare and Julien added a few more.
But it was the bubbling nectar that made it. It wasn’t the ordinary stuff. It was something he’d found which was made by the same methods as the old world drink they used to call  champagne. Except that the grapes were grown in one of the glass houses and not out in the air as they would have been fifteen centuries ago. It really was a lovely drink though not all that strong. He insisted that we drank it out of veriglass – out of strange-looking tumblers with long thin stems which open up to form a tulip-like cup. Maisie was so excited that she broke the stem off two of them.
“Will you be in trouble for that?” I asked Julien. Those glasses must have been worth a lot of credits.
He just waved his hand. “Everything cost so much, darling, that that won’t make a bit of difference. I can still sell all the rest” He raised his glass. “Cheers!” he said.
He’d actually bought them then, not hired them? That all got me wondering what sort of job he does that he can find that many credits so easily.
“How can you afford all this?” I said
“Don’t ask,” he replied and put his fingers on his lips.
I’m sure he must be a full-time Hidden Information peddler. It’s the only explanation for all the credits and all the information he’s got.
You know, his eyes glazed over at that point. He definitely doesn’t want me finding out any more.
Maisie was amazed at having all of her work colleagues there. And one or two personal friends she hadn’t seen for a while. I have to give it to Julien. He did well there, whatever he did, legal or illegal. Everybody found it quite amusing, I think.
One thing though. I don’t think I’d like to have too many parties. It gets very noisy. The concierge came and told us off a couple of times. It was only a droid though. Julien suggested disabling it but we persuaded him not to.
It all makes such a mess too. Because people can’t sit down to eat they drop the food on the floor. Maisie’s house droid is one of those with a personality. It complained all the time as it cleared up. But the main thing is, you have really trivial conversations with everybody. You’ll probably never see these people again, so what’s the point?
But as a one off, it was fun.